g2 Teen Board and Service Squad

If you teach children to be grateful, they will find success.

How do you build a generation of leaders who will make a difference in the world?

You gather a group of committed teens who gather together to design and execute service projects for the community — gaining leadership training, collaborating, learning from and supporting each other.

This year, we're trying a new approach! Teens will two different tracks to choose from: the Teen Board and the Service Squad. Take a look at this expectations overview to learn more about what participation in each group entails.

Applications for the g2 Teen Board and Service Squad are accepted each spring for the following school year.

Interested, or know someone who might be?

When you're ready, please complete the application form.

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Past Teen Board Events

Since its inception, the Teen Board (in early years, the Kids' Board) has created and executed many meaningful, impactful programs, including: ​

  • Sponsor-a-Military-Family for Thanksgiving 

  • Fun Run & Walk to raise funds for a guide dog for a local teen

  • Scavenger Hunt to Build Survival Backpacks 

  • Walk for Water

  • Sponsor-a-Teacher Gratitude Gifts 

  • Pillows for a Purpose, creating pillows for children in the hospital

  • Educational program exploring homelessness 

  • Educational program addressing mental health