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Join the Gratitude Givers Advisory Board

Because we can have more impact together.

Launched in July 2021, the Gratitude Givers Advisory Board brings together men and women who want to help us make an even greater difference in our community. The Board's ideas, energy and commitment are making g2 programs better than ever and spreading our reach in ways we otherwise couldn't. 


Upcoming GGAB meeting dates
Social/Networking Time 7:15pm
Meeting Starts P
romptly at 7:30pm

Thursday, January 11, 2024
Thursday, April 11, 2024

Thursday, July 11, 2024
Thursday, October 10, 2024

Gratitude Givers Advisory Board Members

Erin Trella

Tara Goldfarb

Jodi Simon

Lauren Bruss

Andy & Amy Plocker

Shannon Raynor

Sarah Lohr

Tiffany Larkowski

Lisa Landsman

Scott Schaff

Krista Testwuide

Roslyn Turner

Ronna Belinky

Marcela Melendez

Andrew Feldman

Kaye Kharasch

Molly Greenberg

Marney Cohen

Jessica Ernest

Annie Kavanagh

Nancy Noyer

Bushra Klein

Phillipa Tabachow

Sarah & Howard Abrams

Jeremy Woods

Lynn Schaff

Nazline Amiri

Tracy Rowland

Robin Taxman

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