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Here's how our new volunteer sign-up system works:

Click on an event on the Volunteer page or in the Calendar, then click the sign-up link to volunteer.

You'll be asked to enter your first name and email address, and then to complete a (super) short Volunteer Application.

Choose the event you want to attend, scroll down and sign g2's waiver about taking photos and videos at our events, and click Sign Up to Volunteer

You'll get a confirmation email with a link to your account. 

Each time you return to sign up for an event, you'll simply enter your first name and email address to log in. You only need to complete the Volunteer Application the first time. (You can edit your information anytime in your profile.)

How do I register a minor child for an event?

​For many events, you can add one or more children as additional volunteers to your own sign-up process (check the description for any age restrictions). After you sign in and choose an event and time slot, under "Is anyone joining you?" click "Add" and enter their information. You can use your own email address for a child if you wish. If your child will be attending an event without you, they must complete their own Volunteer Application.

What if I need to cancel my volunteer slot?

Go to and click the Access your profile button at the top-right of the page. You will receive a link to your profile where you can edit or cancel your shift. You can also access your profile from the confirmation email you'll receive after registering to volunteer.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about registering to volunteer?

For questions about an event or the registration process, please email Erin Kerpel.






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